Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Blonde Girls

This song was created for Game of Bands round 106 : "Sex Ed"


Yo I saw a girl she was a S J W like the ones you see, run around on top of you. Back in high school is where I met her she prescribed
herself as a feminist until I bit her, said she was never interested in men before I came along, kinda cute but a natural blonde
didn't take long till I convinced her too come over, just for a little study session, but I'd be messing if I
said I didn't have alternate intentions. And I neva met a girl I can't read like a book, gotta by a fishhook gonna reel her in to a world
that neva sinks, these fuckin drinks. Can't stall the conversation long enough for me to grab her, so I called her bluff and fluffed her
nice and rough.

Girl I'm gonna teach you... Sooo slow. Girl we're gonna learn, all night long. Baby tonight it's just you and me, baby tonight we're so free.

Hey girl I think you've noticed that I'm back again, but this time it seems that I have brought a friend.
You're more women than most men can handle
(that’s why I brought two so we can extra man handle)

And I know you've got a life full of drama and strife but for a few hours let us show you a night what we can do for you to release this pain inside of you
I know you'll say that that sounds corny but I think its true, don't worry we're gonna make love to you.



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