Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Sir Edward X

This song was created for Game of Bands round 106 : "Sex Ed"


--Sir Edward X--

Come one, come all!
Sir Edward X has his
safe sexual practice tips for all to hear!

Gather, gather lords and maidens
It's the year fifteen and eleven
If you like it but you don’t know how to do it
I can show ya
Everyone likes to have it in the sack
Listen up and I’ll tell you what you lack
No more doing sex bareback,
Oh my, That’s right

Here I am to show you how to do it
Everybody knows that I know how to do it
Cover that manhood with this mini tunic
That’s the way to have healthy sex
If you don’t want another bastard
Wipe that sheath with some basil and mustard
Hear me out if you care for your health
Because I Sir Edward the tenth
And I know all about sex

Protect Yourself!


Eddie says before you do her
Ready up some cheese and tuna
These smells make the lovin hotter
And you can have a sandwich after

If you love her, love her love handles
Decorate the hay bale with some love candles
Squeeze her bosom like she's a cow
That’s how
(I’m pretty sure)

Don’t have sex when the wind is blowing east
And if you sneeze then you’re gonna get diseases
Don’t forget to share this with your neighbors
Having sex on stairs will kill ya
Don’t agree if the wife wants it anally
She’s a witch and it will be fatal and
Be sure to store all your juice in a small box
And try not to get malaria or smallpox

For real - watch out for smallpox it's a very dangerous disease.


Here I am to show you how to do it
Measure her insides with your unit
If you’re frisky and like it risky
Give a pregnant woman another baby
But if you aren’t into pregnant ladies
Riverdancing tend to thwart babies
Move those feet while you do the deed
Follow Edward the tenth
And you'll know all about safe sex



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