Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!


This song was created for Game of Bands round 107 : "Queen-esque"


Who could ever belong here
Acquainted with only fear
I can’t even be myself
I can’t be somebody else
Out here, out here

I have got high ego
I’ve got dreams and hopes galore
But I’m stuck here saving lives
I want more
Is this all
All for me

Down here I am praised
But they’ve never wanted me to read
Careful words against the herd
They don't want
Want to see
So will you
Take me away

You can find, find the truth
The truth about everything
In their best selling books and their emerald rings
But you won't find, no you won’t find love
Where the sun don’t shine
It’s me and only me you’ll find

All alone, my family gone
My heroes all left me for dead
I have nothing more to live for
Outta my head
So take me into yours

So they want to pre-package your legacy
But I had a spy on the inside
For the dream that you had was fantasy
Will you read, oh will you read
the obituaries
And take me away!~

Pas gratuit
Nothing in life is free
Some say it’s overkill to kill for something like this oh
Quel rat!
Ms Golightly
Bring out the pitchforks, hacksaws and the torches just to
Change the order
Where's yours, sir?
Bring me the thunderstorms bring me the guns and swords
Change the order
Where's yours, sir?
It's for her and him to take the order out and far away~

When you're happy to be stepped on
Someone else will gladly get it done

When you're ready for the recipe
Buy the spices that you never want

No I won't take it off
No I won't take it away
Oh no I won't rat it out
No I won't hand it to that / shadow of the / past if all the / bad bad meanies / are in on it
Take it away
Take me away
What more should I say?

Don’t change the order
Where's yours, sir?
It's for her to take it away

Mint and oregano
Stay out of trouble’s way
Bring the leghold traps
And call it a day

Thunderstorm! Take me away
Guns and swords! Take me away
Death masks and poison gas!
It’s wonderful! Won’t you say?

You brought a thief into your hat
But there was nothing to steal
As true as the earth’s flat
The dream that you had was real

Take one away and leave another
Maybe everyone’s afraid of each other


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