Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

From Heroes to Dust (and from Dust to Heroes)

This song was created for Game of Bands round 108 : "People Lost in 2016"


Blink your eyes
but don’t blink too fast
time is fading, crumbles to dust
all we’ve known now belongs to the past
this is a tribute to the people we lost

Ziggy Stardust
also known as David Bowie
a galaxy hero set in a musical space oddity
his lyrics punching you harder than Muhammad Ali
a music spell so strong like Severus Snapes cast it

Harper Lee
and her mockingbird gone
like Frank Sinatra who loved singing ‘bout New York
let’s smoke this sadness, light a Cuban cigar
and pray we reach 99 like Gabor

Princess Leia
and then her mother Debbie
as if 2016 hadn’t taken many already
like Prince and his dirty mind, always hot and heavy
these Last Christmas surely were one of the most deadly

Stars that shined
brighter than the sun
that carved the paths for those yet to come
that changed the way all things were done
this is for the people who knew how to have fun


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