Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!


This song was created for Game of Bands round 108 : "People Lost in 2016"


There's so much snow
Just lying here around Would you like to join?
Take the fall and hit the ground

Look at the mice
Burning snow to get the heat
Melting their dreams
To a liquid of temptation
Worshipping shadows of fame
In a world so full of light
I could escape
But no one thought to follow

See the friendly face
Come and take a seat
Watch the shadows play
Fascinating indeed
Just don't move your eyes
Yes, it's your life
But it's they
Who may decide

you want to glow like snow
Of course you can, we'll help
These real tv shows
We made them just for you,
Of course you are free
As a slave of reality
We have control
And a copy of your future

Advertising for a broken life
Is an utopia of glass
Speeding up when the end is dead
Then wonder why we crashed

run through the halls of fame
Don't ask where it ends
you don't have to be so shy
You only risk your life
We'll do you so much good
In ways the facts can't show
Reach for our helping hand
We'll only sell your soul


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