Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!


This song was created for Game of Bands round 108 : "People Lost in 2016"



In 2016 we've lost some of the best
artists and poets - we've laid them to rest
put down their instruments; dropping their pen
To them We say amen

Debbie Reynolds danced and sang with such flair
But the loss of her Carrie, she just couldn't bear
George Michael's soft vocals have come to an end
To them We say amen


Thanks to all those who truly inspired
They took us to places, ever so higher
We'll warm our hearts from their glorious fire
So mote it be, Indeed


Prince is the symbol of loss of our songs
Goodbye David Bowie; the Starman is gone
Farewell Leonard Cohen, his poems transcend
To them We say amen

Garry Shandling has passed and the laughter has died
With Gene Wilders' antics , we laughed and we cried
Gary Marshall's directed his last filmed event
To them We say Amen.


Thanks to all those who bettered this earth
Filled us all up, with wonder and mirth
No money can show were worth
So mote it be, Indeed,


He soared like an Eagle, then Glenn Frye flew away
The darkness of war, Elie Weisel did portray
And John Glenn zoomed to space,
around and again,
To them We say amen.

Merle Haggard can thank his mama for trying,
Mohammed Ali can finally stop fighting
Alan Rickman' Gruber and Snape met their end
To them, we say amen.

(unsung) CHORUS C

Thanks to all those who lightened our lives
Makes us wonder and fear our own looming demise
Though their bodies departed, their spirits survive,
So mote it be, Indeed,
So mote it be, Indeed.


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