Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

The Big Bedroom

This song was created for Game of Bands round 108 : "People Lost in 2016"


On the remembrance of stained hearts,
darkness creeps through the morning rain
and it waits just outside your door while you sleep.

Your mind falls and braces,
spills its colour onto pages
between the twisted lines of swampland faces.

Their pleading eyes, their weary smiles.
Are they waiting for love to arrive?
Or is this a one-way mirror reflecting on both sides?

This noise, it draws us here
yet it's so hard to still the fear
there's too much comfort in another lonely beer

It's nice to say everything is alright,
but we're still swimming against the tide.
In this big bedroom, we should have nothing to hide.

But we do...

On the remembrance of stained hearts
You lay awake as darkness swept through your window.
Into your hesitant ear, it whispered...

...and it spoke the same things it always spoke.
But these whispers, they got louder
and this time they were clearer
and this time you couldn't deny those painful words.

So you purge them to paper
but each pen stroke cuts like a knife
and each drop of ink hammers down with blunt force.
Every burning word, every stinging letter
they look so familiar.
Your life's script, taken further than you've ever seen before.
It's awful, but it makes sense
except nothing makes sense any more.
Head and heart both pounding.
The pages are all black but the words kept coming.
Cutting and crushing.
Unleashing every fear and hatred
to shatter your last remaining will.

With its black flag now planted,
the darkness bundles up the last of your pain and sorrow
to spread amongst kith and kin,
before disappearing quietly out the window
back into the morning rain.

Rest, brother, we lay you down.
Sad silence, a terrible sound.
But if this time machine could turn it all around...

An army of hearts
are with you from the start,
instead of this world come apart.

These swirling waters are dragging me down.
Lost in this swamp, will I ever get out?
This dark anchor weighs down my heart
I'm sinking deeper day by day

Don't even know how I got this far
feels like the world is falling apart
trying to keep it together now
and keep on floating, day by day


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