Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!


This song was created for Game of Bands round 109 : "Wall of Sound"



Look what you do to me,
I'm drowning in sound
But for all the noise I face
I'll still find my way out

(post chorus)
Oh look out
Oh look out
You can't keep us down
You got us all fucked up

(verse 1)
Nasty punk kids
you label us
Cause we don't
Follow the sound
We on our
Own path now

Are we crazy
When we don't
Obey false alarms
You wait till
All this noise
Buries you alive


(post chorus)

(verse 2)
Don't you see
Its a false alarm
Or did you ring the bell
To take us down
I know you think us crazy
When we don't Obey your commands
Hate us, hate me
Nasty punks vs your sound

Nasty punk
Kids (hey)
Nasty punk
Kids (hey)

Oh look out
Oh look out
Oh fuck off
Its a false fuckin alarm



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