Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Green Eyes

This song was created for Game of Bands round 109 : "Wall of Sound"


Inside those green eyes of yours
A shadow of time
Goes by

Cracked wings
Old walls
Late nights
Drunk thoughts

You're fading in daylight
But so am I
Sing long live our love
As we burn it down

We tried it all, we tried it once
You broke me down, I broke it all

You believed in death
And I believe in you
We left it to die
But parts still survived

(It's breaking me
Oh can't you see
I want it back
I want to lose)

Inside this mad life
A tear is rolling down
Outside your hearts range
I'm dying from the cold

We thought we could just break the frame
Avoid getting cut
Cause we were different
We had something special
It shattered into our life
And cut my face away
I'm a stranger to you now
Now theres shards everywhere
Look at all this blood

Inside my sick mind
Your green eyes could smile again
But I know it's too late
I know you agree

(I want to lose
I want it back
Oh can't you see
It's breaking me)

Reflections in my soft tears
(It's breaking me)
Green eyes could save me again
(Oh can't you see)
I killed them a while ago
(I want it back)
You was burned, then i was hurt
(I want to lose)
If you want to rise again
(I want to lose)
Kiss me another goodbye
(I want it back)
Your green eyes could save me now
(Oh can't you see)
Green eyes can't save me now
(They're breaking me)
Green eyes can't save me now
Green eyes can't save me now


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