Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Broken Windows

This song was created for Game of Bands round 110 : "Love Songs"


Broken Windows
You’re standing in the rain, I see you
Looking out through this broken window
Guess you’re back again
You know that I’ve longed to see you
Since that day that you broke the window
I’ve hardly slept since then

But if I can
And if you might
And if we try
Then we could do it all again. .
And if I would
And if you could
But it’s no good
Why would we go through that again?
There’s a black cloud
That follows you around
That I can’t lift
Why do I want to try again?
There’s a golden joy
That follows you around
I can’t forget it
And its grip is on my brain

Those sorrows that you have, I share them
We’re just two broken people
Passing round the pain
Those troubles that you have, I hear them
Just like an old broken record
Coming round again
Those demons that you have, I see them
But I don’t need no more broken windows
When all it does is rain

But if I can
And if you might
And if we try
We still could do it all again
No one wants
Broken windows
No one needs
Broken windows
But all we’ve got’s
Broken windows
Letting in the rain
Can’t see right
Looking backward
Can’t see right
Looking forward
Just can’t trust
Broken windows
But we’ve got them all the same

But I can’t
And I won’t
Though we could
Go out and do it all again
But then who
Am I kidding?
It’s myself
That I’m fooling
And I know
That we’re gonna do it all again
Welcome home
Once again then
Let’s go out
Break some windows
Seize the day
And let in a little rain



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