Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Will She Won't She?

This song was created for Game of Bands round 110 : "Love Songs"


Waiting to meet the woman of my dreams
Pretty sure everyone's looking at me
My heart is racing; beating way too fast
The hour we'd agreed is way in the past

I've got fears I have to swallow
Can't let my frayed nerves show

The collar of my shirt is feeling really right
My clothes all feel like they don't fit quite right
She's got to show. She's the one, it's fate
Please, oh, pretty please just be running late

Maybe she's giving it a miss
How can I come back from this

I planned out everything I was going to say
Those plans might have to be thrown away
So excited, and so scared I've forgotten how to speak
Erm... Er.... Blarrg... Squeek

And then bells begin to ring
And everybody starts to sing

Everything will be alright
She's arrived, resplendent, in a dress of white

Before our families I bond myself to her
Everything passes by in a blur
I cannot hide the joy that rides inside
When I'm told that I now may kiss the bride

I stand before her now
And make a solemn vow
Before God above
To the woman that I love


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