Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!


This song was created for Game of Bands round 111 : "Avant-Garde"


...Isabel, she did not depart just yet… she came right back… she died in the crash but is still in the two of us I, I swear...

Remember those two ladies in the beauty salon? Well, they were watching us while their hair was set yes i know i know one had avocado skin and pin curls - no, it was the other one, the one who was blind…she is one who could see… one with second sight.. she saw the soul right through us and was alarmed oh, no no no we have to leave now... he will notice the blood in the sink. We will stay in Tokyo for the night and leave for San Francisco by morning: carry a coat and fill the pockets with cash and credit cards. Stay near the walls in the house; avoid the mirrors. This world is full of cameras and watchers. Get moving in the shadows now. I will be right back…

We wrapped the bodies in towels, oh yes, the folds of darkness helped remove the dead of night. The lotions on their skin, the cucumbers over their eyes, the frizzled hair then submerged in soggy lukewarm water. Each one, we held each elderly woman down, their limbs flailing against the bath walls, trying to keep a mouth open. You began to cry… you began to cry after the blind woman, she was our nanny when we were kids… they wanted her dead too. Once the nine were done with, we exited the back entrance, over soggy cardboard boxes and open soap bottles and appeared a narrow alleyway. The midnight chimes of a nearby church jangled away from the heavy traffic as our fake masseuse costumes caught the breeze - our car quietly approached the back entrance.

When we went into the passenger's seat, Kaito grabbed your wrist and began kissing you. While Kaito was undoubtedly a narcissist, he was much kinder to you than Takehiko was to me. As the night dragged on, Takehiko began cursing how relieved he was for his mother to be dead. Even though Takehiko loved his mother and visited her hospital bed every
week, he returned angrier and angrier at his debt and her constant suffering. Perhaps he did not want her to die?

Around 11 or so we headed out of Tokyo’s metropolitan district, the tourist traps with neon signs. As Kaito informed the two of us of our next ‘master’, you began to cry. It was the blind woman on your mind again. Kaito slapped you across your face - the mascara was coming off and it would be harder to sell you. You began to scream. “I want to see the blind woman! Tell me who she was!”

“Stop, Stop, Stop!” Takehiko yelled desperately. In a fit of anger and denial, Takehiko delievered a powerful blow to your head, killing you.


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