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next gen

This song was created for Game of Bands round 112 : "Video Games II"


His parents try to pry it from his cold dead fingers

The gamepad in Clyde’s grip is just as cold

A pixel perfect portrait of the dead kid lingers,

It’s flickering and fusing with his soul

His ghost has left its host, he’s attracted by the glow

His spectre is inspecting the TV

His soul leaves Heaven’s pull, it knows exactly where to go

His ectoplasm zaps through CRT

And on the other side he discovers extra lives

In every world of every game he ever had 

He’s a plumber and a knight in an 8-bit paradise,

Through the screen he’s still watching Mom and Dad

Years later from that day, a new kid comes in to play

A little brother that he’ll never get to meet

Brand new console brand new games, Clyde’s old games are thrown away…

He’s been replaced… (Spoken)


His parents have forgotten him, they’ve had another son

They’ve named him little Cody, he’s their new Player One

The ghost rises from the garbage, Cody’s starting a new game.

Cody chooses single player, and he enters in his name

But he’s never quite alone, there’s a shadow in his wake

Cody took his life so Clyde will hunt down lives of his to take

Wherever Cody goes the shadow follows, always true

He stays out of Cody’s sight, an elusive Player Two

Every game that Cody plays is plagued with sabotage

Hidden pits, rabid pocket monsters, “Here take this, mirage”

A new challenger approaches, Player One, meet Player Two

He’s laughing at your suffering, he kinda looks like you

You knows that Clyde’s tormented, and you’re sure this isn’t right

But the bell has rung, you’re in the ring, announcer just yelled FIGHT

You’re juking and you’re jiving, but Clyde’s spamming his best moves

You’re starting to lose count of how many times you lose

But Cody beats Clyde down to a sliver of his health

Clyde knows what fate’s in store, stored, forgotten on the shelf

He’s limp, and barely breathing, and he will not answer why.

NPC crowds are screaming, “Finish him, let him die!”

He doesn’t kill Clyde, he takes his hand

Cody thanks him for all the fun.

He pulls him back on solid land

This will be a no-kill run

He won’t need to reload his save

Poor Cody, Clyde’s haunting his dreams

Poor Clyde, early cathode ray grave

A new member has joined Clyde’s team

The brothers talk and grow together

Before long they become good friends

They quest in pixel perfect weather

Beating games, not splitting ends

They save the princess from the evil

They fight the evil in its swamp

Cody digs games from the trash,

They revisit all Clyde’s old haunts

And only now Clyde really knows

He’s less lonely as Player Two

And wherever Cody goes,

A shadow follows, always true

Through generations they play new games

Cody grows, Clyde stays the same

Through generations they play new games

Cody grows, Clyde stays the same

Through generations they play new games

Clyde’s the same, Cody shows his age

Through generations they play new games

Clyde stays, Cody grows away

Cody needs to live his life

Can’t always waste the day

Has a daughter with his wife

A new kid comes in to play

He tells her about Clyde

The brother he never knew.

He gives her his controller

Player One, meet Player Two


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