Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Arcane Arcade

This song was created for Game of Bands round 112 : "Video Games II"


Part 1 (0:00 - 0:35): Race Car Simulator [2000]

Part 2 (0:36 - 1:01): Aliens abducting Priests [2006]

Part 3 (1:02 - 2:30): The Boston Massacre [2010]

A) 'Look at pussys man, walking around like they got shit be doing, like they some sort of fucking king or something. King of shit. King of being fucking nothing'.

B) oh and you somebody? You Robin Hood or some shit? Gonna give that cash to the sick and needy?

A) Maybe I will bitch, maybe I'll give to your mother for having to raise a fuckin stooge like you.

B) fuck you. Least I know what I am.

A) yeah I know what you are too.

B) yeah, what am I then, you so smart?

B) You, my friend, are fucking millionaire. A million fuckin aire.

A) Let me see the next guy, whooo! On a fucking roll. This shit's like whackamole man, you find you groove. Pass me up that shit. Lemme see that. Who's this fucker? Pointy nose piece of shit. Looks my father.

B). Where's he at?

A) beacon street library. Fuckin nerd. Bet he can't read the future.

B) he ain't got no future to read my man.

Part 4 (2:31 - 3:45): Arcane Arcade [1983]

Part 5 (3:46 - 4:51): Black Helicopter Tokyo Dragon Subway [2020]


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