Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Mission Failed

This song was created for Game of Bands round 112 : "Video Games II"


You draw a sword, and craft an axe, and load
a gun that can’t be real, something that you
can’t feel. except through the cold touch of keys, so empty.

Bloody pixels, bloody keyboard, oh god!
Nothing ever works except for me.
If I still had my skin, I would go hide,
Or run into the worlds that I create.
I make what I can't see, what I can't feel
To share with you what I wished could be real
{chorus end}

I need to see the mesh complete to show
the AI where to go, but where can I
move now? My mouse is freer than I can be.


These lines of symbols, I create, tease me
And when I look away they change, they’re wrong,
I'm wrong! It must be fixed, “you must be fixed” they say.


There is no time, no way, no pay.
Unless I can remove the tethers of
reality for everyone but not for me.


Mark this! My last comment will live in stone.
“Here lies the man who tried and failed.
If you’ve come searching leave me be.
When in your dreams you see me wandering
Just know this is where my thoughts can be free.
I’ve made what you can't see, what you can't feel
And failed to share what I wished could be real.
So take your quarter, spend it somewhere else.
And leave my bits alone to rot away
without a play.”


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