Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

One More Turn

This song was created for Game of Bands round 112 : "Video Games II"


Verse 1:

When I was young, so long ago
I could make up any dream from the blue
It was when I opened up my eyes
I always knew that it could still come true
When the world illuminated
Every boulevard from where I stood
Not a single thought could harm me
That was way back when life was oh so good
But a new screen entered my room
Then life became like this video game
A broken clock in my presence
It never changes, it stays the same


A light in the darkness
The windows are shut and though it seems harmless
Shadows are buried deep in my mind
Waiting for me to say:

The room gains new vibrance
A knock at the door breaks through the silence
The shadows only keep me in stillness
As I cry out:

Verse 2:

Dark illusions still haunt my brain
As i’m trying so hard to beat this stage
Though my intuition lets me leave
But I can’t pull myself out of this cage
I’m jumping every obstacle
I’m jumping hurdles through these lines of code
But Passing this just seems absurd
As I'll always keep a foot on this road
While little voxels dot my screen
The days are passing by me one by one
I try but fail to hold my scream
I feel like I have no place I can run

Chorus x2


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