Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

The Robbery

This song was created for Game of Bands round 113 : "Once Upon a Time in the West"


You can barely hear a sound
for the train whistle's blowing
and in the man with his gun to the banker's chest
a sour streak is growing
go get me all you cash says he
your jewels and diamonds too
yessir says the banker
we exist only to please

The banker's in the back now, talking on the telephone
to the sheriff goes by the name of Jay Malone
there's trouble here I am afraid the shaking banker says
I am aware my men are headed there
and with that the line goes dead

Banker rushes to the front now
with a wad of cold hard cash
sticks his hands high in the air
with one step the thief is there
grabs the cash runs out the door
and mounts his fine brown mare

And from atop his horse
he drew out his shiny gun
its silver barrels glistened
in the bright midmorning
sun it spoke real loud both once and twice
and two of the sheriff's men
were lying on the ground
then he rode his mare both fast and hard
and passed out of that town
leaving two cold bodies
to be put in the dusty ground

On a Tuesday night a young man walks into a bar
claiming that he'd saved the town with that he downs a jar
the sheriff when he got the news put his hand upon his shoulder
the young man when he turned around knew that his time was over


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