Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

2 Da West

This song was created for Game of Bands round 113 : "Once Upon a Time in the West"


There was but a single hand man
dreaded to (become/welcome) the madness
(carries dead besides his hips/kiss the death bellow the hips) (takes the death make her his bitch)
know his name, they call him Stitches. (dropp em' dead bellow his knees)

Far away where land dries red (glow/wine/while)
fireflies play with the flies (fireflies jiggle with flies)

There was but a single gallow (There were just a single-color men)
(glowing, just his bare fist soaked in red) (they where only soaked in blood and damned)

(there/while)shiny Stitches barely swallow
rapist, killer, simple, mellow
know in El Paso, 'El Desespero'...

Once a man, now(not) just a shadow
how he left? 'es un misterio'
the unfair rope was fair that hour
cause the tale is not blank ammo

when I was in Wonderland
I bit the bullet


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