Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Dead Ringer

This song was created for Game of Bands round 114 : "Theme to a made-up James Bond film"


My word’s good as my bond when I say Bond is not my name
Mr. Bond’s retired to a well deserved grave

I am at his wake, from afar I watch the priest
Leading prayer for the greatest spy ever deceased

Once an elite agent, and the best of all they hired
Now all washed up, tired, old, and worst of all expired

Last moniker Bond, first moniker James
The mourning all are silent, the priest crosses out both names

For him I’m a dead ringer, his name couldn’t ring more dead
He’s the spy who loved the singer who shot him in the head

He’s the spy that never was, the spy that never was
Built up, chased down, beaten for the cause.

He’s the spy that never was, the spy that never was
Run ragged through the ringer and defeated for the cause.

Years ago, who’s counting, secret agent meets a girl
Lounge singer with ambitions to overthrow the world

Cornered in her lounge– cornered creatures fight
Bond sent a vanquished henchmen– she set his head alight

He’s the spy who never was, was the spy who never was
Showdown, aimed down, shot down for Bond’s cause.

She blew smoke from her gun, like she blew away her troubles
She recognized her minion, a pulverized stunt double

He’s the spy who never was, was a spy that never was
Knocked down, turned round and sent into her claws

Behind her Double O Seven and his P99 MI6 said not to trust her, you’re to kill her for her crimes

Malevolent crooning started tugging at Bond’s soul
She found his charm disarming, just as under his control

Their forbidden love ate away at aspiration
He gave up trying to save the world, she gave up domination

Bond needed to die, fade away without a trace
Had a perfect double agent, the dead man without a face

The day that shattered England, the day that James Bond died
Betrayed by crooning vixen, the one who kept his side.

The plan had been elopement, honeymooning I had lost her
Now I saw her at my wake, condemned with killing my imposter

No sooner than the corpse of faceless Bond was underground
M vowed to end my mission, death for crimes against the Crown

She’s the girl who loves the spy, the girl who loves the spy
Shanghaiied, tried, condemned for his alibi

I may not be that spy, now a frail doppelganger
But the Bond living inside me won’t sit by and watch them hang her

I’m the spy who never was, was the spy that never was Once a keeper of the peace, now in love with an outlaw

Ungrazed by her bullets, I am shot by Cupid’s dart
The spy who loves the singer who shot him in the heart


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