Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Personal Chef

This song was created for Game of Bands round 115 : "Florida Man"


Long day at work,
Boss almost cut my last string,
Now Traffic's backed up,
And my tanks is about to be on E
I forgot my lunch at home
So my stomach's eating my back,
Walked in my home,
Sweet aroma, but I was
to stun to react

He was in my kitchen
Frying my chicken
Honestly I thought
It was my girl that I was missing
He was in my kitchen
Frying my chicken
Honestly I thought
this was a joke i was missing

I can say,
He was much more surprised than I was
debating flight or fight
but I could not picture the outcome
He continued frying,
Saw he even made some sides,
Then my wife comes in
and gives me a confusing "why?"

He was in our kitchen
Frying our chicken
Had the table set,
With bowls for the fixings
He was in our kitchen
Still frying our chicken
Had a girant smile,
Continuing mixing

She asked if he was from work,
Asked why he's covered in dirt,
a heads up wouldn't have hurt
Like her plans didn't matter

Told her I didn't know that man,
To this day I don't understand,
She quickly grabs at my hand
And does her nervous laughter

She pulled me into the hall,
Asked if we should call the law,
I could not close my slack jaw,
To give her a straight answer

She tensed and grabs at my shirt,
I see her eyes bout to burst,
Said we should probably eat first,
Then call the cops after

We sit the table
I asked if we should say a prayer
He smiles and agreed,
And asked if anything that should be shared,
I grind my teeth,
Asked how he got inside,
He said the backdoor was locked,
Had to break the widow,
Hope we didn't mind

So he was in the kitchen
Frying our chicken
Started plating up
Acting indifferent
He was in the kitchen
Now eating our chicken
Said dinners done,
So Come on and dig in


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