Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Florida Kid

This song was created for Game of Bands round 115 : "Florida Man"


Verse 1:
“Be careful what you post online”
My mama used to say
“'Cause once it’s on the internet
It never goes away”

I never really understood
But now it’s so clear cut
The only thing more permanent
Is a tattoo on your butt

Verse 2:
I was just a Florida kid
Tweeting without class
“Like my tweet” I told him
“And I’ll tattoo my ass”

He liked the tweet, goddamn him
So I had to follow through
And since my dignity was lost
I posted a photo too

Ryan Reynolds
Why’d you tweet me back
Ryan Reynolds
Your name's above my crack

Ryan Reynolds
Engraved in red and black
Ryan Reynolds
There’s no going back

Verse 3/Bridge
So now into eternity
I’ll keep beneath my pants
The name of a celebrity
Tattooed in Comic Sans

So now Buzzfeed and Twitter
Have all seen my bum
Said Reynolds, when he saw it,
“Dear god, what have you done?”

(repeat chorus)

(based on the story of this Florida Kid:


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