Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Easy Go

This song was created for Game of Bands round 115 : "Florida Man"


By vladimirdlc
With edits by agitat0r and twiggface

/* Verse 1 */

I catch kilos of coke off miami shore
I snatch a bald eagle from a gator's jaw
Then Florida Woman turn my jackpot sour,
Pushing my buttons, but she's good in the shower,

To be Florida Man sure as hell is taxing
The IRS come knocking when I'm high and relaxing
taxes, man, they get me hot and feral
collect'em from my shot gun barrel

/* Chorus */

Easy go, easy fly,
that's the life of Florida Man
feel the flow, let it shine,
come on now and hold my hand

Easy go, easy fly,
that's the life of Florida Man
That's my life, man, it's my life,
I don't think you would understand

/* Verse 2 */

hey kid, did i tell you when i met yo mom
i was kinda high and then broke in to her home
then i kinda woke up and a little later
i fed my family jewles to our pet alligator

for us i'm cookin chicken in some spicy wine
and season it with crack cocaine and vico-dine
and afterwards we'll do a game of naked twister
together with my ex and with her hottie sister

/* Chorus */


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