Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

see you later

This song was created for Game of Bands round 115 : "Florida Man"


Today, I had a craving I couldn’t conquer
Thought I’d go buy myself a Whopper
But I couldn’t cause there’s no Burger Kings near me

Then, I figured I’d get a baconator
Came across a wild alligator and thought
“This is the perfect currency”

I had time to think it over
As I went through the grueling process
Of getting a lizard into my Range Rover

So now I’m sitting at the stoplight
Mulling over my brilliant strategy,
Anticipating the trajectory,
Experiencing ecstasy

I’m getting hungry so I have to make my move
Pulled my car into the drive-thru
Said politely “I want food”

The lady said that I should be a wee more precise
A burger, an iced tea with no ice
And no, I don’t want any fries…

I had to know this would be costly
I had to weigh the pros and cons
And just how badly I wanted a frosty

I approached the service window,
Wiped my brow and swallowed shallow
Gathered my nerve and threw the gator
I just hope this doesn’t make the paper…

Suddenly I’m overcome with utter grief
Oh no. I’m such a bozo.
I forgot to grab the burger and the tea
Oh well. There’s no turning back now.
I must press on with no question.
Do you think i learned my lesson.
I’m a Florida Man


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