Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

In A Vaccum

This song was created for Game of Bands round 116 : "Randomly Generated"


In a Vacuum


Out on Golding Island
Discovering I'm alone
Where are all the people
No one is answering the phones

My car just won't start
So I walk in towards the town
Seeing signs of desolation
There's nobody around

The streets have all gone empty
The shops are dark and shut
Something bad has happened
But I can't figure out what


I'm all alone in a Vacuum
Nobody answers when I pray
Filled with a sense of impending doom
There are no gods here today.

How do I exist in a Vacuum?
What am I to do now
No explosions, no loud boom
But everything is gone somehow


There is no electricity
The mail has not arrived
Just the howling wind about me
Am I the only one left alive?

What will happen in the future
Will I die without a soul
Is this how it'll be forever
Eternally in this hole?

Stuck here on Golding Island
I'm a barren empty shell
Ultimate desolation
A solitary hell


I'm all alone in a Vacuum
No one to hear what I say
Total silence, empty rooms
This town; a state of decay

How do I exist in a Vacuum?
Into an abyss I descend
Imprisoned in a living tomb
A nightmare that will never end



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