Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Waste of Time

This song was created for Game of Bands round 116 : "Randomly Generated"





A waste of time.
A waste of time and a

Fool's design,
To make her mine,


That's the constant line.
They say that I'm just not

worth her time.
Too far behind.


But I know that I'm worthy. She'll see when I show her.
My paddy field's small, but that's true wealth below her.


The wealth I could give isn't held in a coffer.
Her family has gold but can't buy what I offer.


I work, every day, in my field by the river.
I'd always provide, so what more could one give her?


This life may be hard, but there's honor in toil.
Our children would grow like the rice from the soil.


We'd grow old surrounded by what we'd created.
The cherry trees blossom, someday, as we waited.


But a waste of time.
I'm out of line and I

must be blind.
See how she shines! But


she'll never find
the love that's mine.


It's a waste of time.
A waste of time.


Just a waste -


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