Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Try Something

This song was created for Game of Bands round 116 : "Randomly Generated"


I can’t think of where to turn
The world wants to see my mind burn
And while it may seem I’m far away
I never plan to get off this train

Because you’ve gotta try something (put your mind on the line)
You’ve gotta try something (And you’ll end up fine)
You’ve gotta try something (Tell life to derail)
You’ve gotta try something (Pay no attention to detail)

I leave the station at Hell’s end
Nowhere to go, no one to friend
I may not have a goal in sight
But any roadblock, I have to fight

I carry on the road of wonder
The light in my hair, the dark down under
What comforts me now, only my thoughts
The sad cold truth is, I am lost


Wonder has ended on this long road
My brain can no longer carry this load
I choose, I choose to not go on
Until the next light can shine upon


A beacon of light, I send and pray
That someone will hear what I have to say
Maybe at some point my mind will ring
But all I can do is try something


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