Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

The Bottom

This song was created for Game of Bands round 117 : "Song from a Fictional Broadway Musical"


I was born into a house of the illest repute,
And the madame kept me ‘round ‘cause my face looked cute.
I grew up learning on the gossip of whores,
I came up serving up those tasty hors
D’oeuvres to the customers,
Oh, they were into me!
They Saying “Hey. Little girl, why don’cha come bounce on uncle’s knee?”
Laughs around the room as I demurely said “No”,
Cat calls from the shadows asking me for a show.
At first the girls they all said “No” (They stood up for you)
But then they said “Go with the flow” (They gave up on you)
The Princess of the Bordello (That was me, That was me)
This was the life of the child, time and time again
Red lights shinin’ on the faces of the devil men

Born into the bottom, now Im not (She went her own way)
I'll never will be a girl who can be bought (She'll make the others pay)

Never gonna let another man touch on me
I'll get revenge with all the ways they hurt me
Never gonna dwell upon the pain they caused me
I'ma make 'em pay and maybe I can be free…

Verse 2
One fateful night in the den of iniquity
Police chief came, lookin’ for his favorite coterie
“Come lay down, baby girl, let’s play some patty cake,”
That’s when, deep down inside I felt something break.
I let him inside with a smile, master of my trade,
And then he got a matching smile with my razor blade!
The Ruby Red grin on his neck told me I was done,
I packed all my things and got out, I was on the run.
A child, on the lamb, I was alone (No one followed you)
Revenge the only thought that I had known (Now they come for you)
The Lady with the stained Razor Honed (That’s is me, That is me)
Now I just live the life,
Of the Femme Fatale
Im the Spider on the corner with a bite that is lethal.

Chorus x2


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