Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

This Is Our Heaven

This song was created for Game of Bands round 118 : "Song from the Same Album as a Past Game of Bands Submission"


Saps recycle heavens
All while knowing that there’s more
Endless stimulations
Only past that pearly door

But they hate to see waste
Heaven’s wasted on them
So I’m wasted in heaven
And reciting these dead hymns

I can’t leave you behind
I can’t face a future now
Without external love
From somebody on the ground

It was godly meeting Jesus
Christ, meeting God was nice
But nice is all they are
I don’t need to meet them twice

Just a proof of concept server
Clouds with dead idolatry
Mythos of death and murder

There’s more heavens left to see
Back to Designer Heaven Hub
Cast a careful eye
Only saps think that heaven
Is reserved for those that die

Jump to another server
Where it’s Xmas every day
Arrive in Winter Wonderland
Carried by Santa’s Sleigh

Simple bliss for those
Who can’t wait for once a year
To put on their warmest clothes
And start spreading yuletide cheer

Could this be the server
Where our love can find a home?
A warm and wholesome paradise
Buried deep in the snow?

Christmas all year long?
Is there any heaven higher?
The air is full of song
Let’s listen to the choir

Every, every, everyday is Xmas
(1:24) The first day of infinity... (roboty chorus))
A snowglobe of frozen bliss
(My true love gave to me:
Mistletoe over every kiss
Another day of sweet peace
Another day to make Santa’s list
My true love loves me truly

Every, every, everyday is xmas,
The next day of infinity... (Every, every, everyday is xmas)
The yuletide cheer persists and ‘sists
My true love gave to me (Every, everyday is xmas)

Another day to slit my wrists
Another day of sweet peace (Every, every, everyday is xmas)
How much more can I take of this?
My true love loves me truly (How much more can I take of this?)

On the next day of Jump to another server
Where nothing is taboo
Some might call it hell
But that’s all just point of view

I’m sick of wholesome heavens
Slip the halo, floating noose
Good drugs and lucky sevens
We need somewhere to let loose

If you wanna draw the line
Then you have to draw the curtain
In this sad serverwide shrine
Only satisfaction”s certain

But, cmon, for heavens sake
They couldn’t program out the smell?
Of this heated give and take?
Sometimes, hell’s just hell

Saps recycle heavens
Lets carve one outta the blue
Lets design our own heaven
Lay blueprints for something new

We'll invent petty gods
With power to bless and curse
Like a litter of pet dogs
Slobbering on our universe

Little do they know
We designed the world they keep
They should count themselves
Whenever they're counting sheep

Won't rub it in their face
When we prove the futurists wrong
It'll show us their mistakes
And endear us to their songs

We'll make a brand new server
We'll crush their boring dreams
Build paradise from powder
They've not seen us as a team

Our horizons will erupt
First intelligent design
Can't wait to see what you dream up
Blow away my pickup line

We'll live above it all
And beneath it all the same
While our faithful pack of gods
Will keep those heathen mods at bay

I swore they'd never take us
Now I'll take my hands away
You can open up your eyes now
Look around at our blank stage


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