Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!


This song was created for Game of Bands round 119 : "Protest Songs"


Revolution Song

There’s a rumbling, there’s a rumbling, you can feel it in the ground
It’s the sound of revolution 21 and it’s bound to come around
There’s an anger that is burning 32 and it’s deep within the heart
It will soon be spilling over 41 set to tear the world apart

In the bar room
In the dance hall
In the school room

You’ve been stomping very boldly,101 like some giant mastadon But we’re living down below you 111 and it’s us you’re stomping on

We don’t need much
We don’t ask much
But it’s just that
You won’t hear us

Like a kettle
Boiling over
We obey the
Laws of Physics

You can’t feel our
You won’t stop our

What’s the point of all our dreaming when our dreams are out of reach?
156 When the whole world doesn’t listen what’s the value of free speech?

When we raise our fists in protest you just turn to other news
When we ask you for a hearing you just loftily refuse

Listen, can’t you hear us holler?
We don’t need your mighty dollar
We don’t need your nice white collar
But we’ll rise above this squalor

We don’t need your validation
We don’t need your explanation
We don’t need procrastination
Don’t ignore our desperation

We don’t need your condescension
We don’t need your attitude
Change and now is our intention
We weren’t born for servitude


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