Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Don't Be Afraid

This song was created for Game of Bands round 120 : "Unexpected Changes II"


Don't be afraid

They said that we
Weren't meant to be
All alone now that
They have come
With the papers to me
Now n'ayez pas peur
Goodbye my child
Hope to see you again

Don't be afraid
I'm so scared

Where have you been all my life
Sometimes I look to the stars
Wonder who you are
Oh mum where have you been?

20 years now I've been sitting here all alone
Not a call, not a text or a pic to my phone
Why'd you pick that dick over your child?
Too many years spent traumatised now yeah
Young love or so you say yeah, loves a game until you start to play
With the heart of a child and the dreams of her youth
Yeah you fucked up... that's the truth

(Phone sex operator) XXX-calls, are you looking for a good time tonight?
(Scared girl) Help, I’m so scared, I’ve lost my mum, help me, I can’t find her
(Phone sex operator) Are you feeling naughty?
(Scared girl) Please stop, I want my mum, where is she? I’m so scared, help me! I’m so scared!

Don't be afraid
It’ll all be over soon

Why do you cry to the sound of rain?
Why do you cry when I scream your name?
Don’t be afraid
Why do you cry?

Got your number, organised a meeting
Once again my heart starts beating
Mumbled words, without a plan
“Mum, were you always a man?”
Tied hands, into a van yeah
Life was better before this began
Who exactly is this old man?
Should’ve known better, should’ve just ran

I’m all alone
Waiting for him
He opens the door
He starts to grin

I can see your eyes already taking shape.
Paralyzed by fear and the tearing sound they make.

Easy now
Biting down
Wrapping skin and bone
Head crowned
This body your new throne.

And once again "don't be afraid"
Goes the voice inside my head
As my fingers tighten around his neck
I'm not afraid, I'm not afraid


"This is where all that mixing bullshit just goes out of the window.
I'm gonna fuck it up; just make some noise,"


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