Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Love & Loss

This song was created for Game of Bands round 120 : "Unexpected Changes II"


An unfolding tale of love and loss
told from the perspectives of Mary, the daughter,
Jess the mother, and an unknown pursuant down on his luck.

Its four in the evening, Mary walks home
Her daily grind is finished
And no work from school

She sees a tramp, Sitting in the streets
Dirty and alone
Eyes at his feet

He looks up and looks into her eyes
Mary gets nervous
And looks to the sky

But little did she know that
Their lives would interlock
And little did she know
How much it'd be fucked

He sits in the gutter
Eyes at the floor
His heart is aflutter
Thinking of all he can’t afford

Ever since she left him, well
He’s become a mess
Can’t even afford
Food scraps or less

He looks up
To those who pass
Someone notices
And gives him a glance

She is beautiful,
More than he’s ever seen
She is beautiful
Perfect, lovely, and clean

He started to imagine
Their lives being interlocked
He wished to know
How she would be loved

Jess looks out
To their front lawn
Waiting for mary
she gives out a yawn

Life has been different
Since he’s not around
The man of her dreams
was lost, and not found

He went to fight in a battle, not his
Died to protect some corporate interests

She sees Mary, but shes not alone
Someone has followed her home

There’s fire in his eyes
Want in his step
Desire in his stride
And lust on his lips

She began to fear
How their lives would interlock
What if he comes here
What could he want?

Mary came in
The stalker, he left
Jess hugged her close
They had both thought of death

They were glad to be safe
Together right now
Keeping each other company
In their evening gowns

As three in the morning
Drew to a close
A window shattered
Something had broke

And that's when Jess saw him
At the end of her bed
He drew in closer
What's going on inside his head?

She shook,
and screamed to stay back
His instincts kicked in
and then he jumped to attack

Mary awoke and called the police
but it was too late
the screaming had ceased

She knew he was there outside her locked room
a feeling arose of impending doom
Then the sirens emerged and silenced her thoughts
The police surged in, then there was a shot

Now she knew just how their
Lives were interlocked
So she thanked her mom
For the sacrifice she got

He was a mangy one
Neglected and abused
His mother left him
She couldn’t afford his food

Nobody cared
No state, church, or man
He was just a street mutt
And he’d been damned

He merely wanted to be loved
To protect and to be fed
But people feared him
Because of how he was bred

His father was a fighter dog
His mother was a bitch
He was merely bred
For profit

He only wanted
To be found and loved
But instead he got
The bullet of a gun


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