Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Valse du Printemps

This song was created for Game of Bands round 120 : "Unexpected Changes II"


"Tu sera toujours bienvenue, bienvenue dans mon coeur
Qu'elle aille donc au diable cette distance de malheur
Penser à toi m'fera jamais que du bien
Et tout ça c'est vrai depuis qu'chuis chérubin
Tiens-le pour dit, et même si t’es loin
Tu s'ra toujours bienv'nue dans mon coeur"

A group of three we are los bandits,
A song like a fish we hope we can land it,
Shouldn't be difficult not with us three,
Aze, Llama and DP, yeah, that last one’s me

Aze, a man of many musical talents,
Instruments a plenty keeps our song balanced,
A pleasant young man he's a really nice fellow,
On the voice chat he seems kinda mellow,

Llama, he's the one with the rhymes,
Some of them are good others are off time,
Generally nice and pretty easy going,
though he needs a little help to get creative juices flowing.

Last up’s me, as a veteran this comes easy,
It's the one, the only, infamous DP,
Busting out vocals making lyrics tolerable
But I'll stay constructive, humble and most of all honourable

I never wanted to give in,
Arms out wide, hair in the wind
Empty freeway going 100 miles per hour
2000cc overflowing with power
Ride to the sun, never think of giving in

My haunted past is chasing me,
Throttle hard, keep going til I'm free,
Cheap booze, cheap girls, money and sin
boot up, unlock the born rider within
Ride to the sun, never think of giving in


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