Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Dead Face

This song was created for Game of Bands round 120 : "Unexpected Changes II"


Oh fuck, she’s good at this

We’re bad at math

But it all adds up

When we start talking trash

She said I had no life in my face

Named me the biggest mope in the place

I compared her to a rotting rose

She just accused me of purple prose

Dead Face!

Adjust expression to taste

With every new acquired taste

You kill more inner child

If you’ve not laughed in your own face

You’ve never even smiled

She points, and all I do is grin

She rips away my clothing

We grin through glass at what's within

She's mirror to my self loathing

Dead face!

Adjust expression to taste

I swear to be inconsistent and lame

You just entered no man’s land

Where boys will be boys and that’s their whole plan

Picture of health’s off in some other frame

When I saw you wasn't love at first sight

I'm just a born necrophiliac

Ya seemed like the kinda loser that

Would commit suicide

Dead face!

Adjust expression to taste

She always knew that I was self-destructive

I always knew she liked to push my buttons

Our mutually assured destruction

Interlocked eruption

Dead Face!


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