Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Void Of Black

This song was created for Game of Bands round 121 : "No Theme"




Stuck in orbit, damaged craft
Repairs are needed on the scene
First time spacewalk, the Sergeant laughed
Because he knew that I was green (Ivy Green)

Scared to step out , sealed my suit
Making sure I attached my line
Got the tools, got in the chute
Opened airlock, and the cord unwinds....


And as I drift out
Floating free
With just a cord to pull me back
To do my work
In the cosmic seas
When the hull begins to crack

In deafening silence
Bursting seams
Now burnt, my line goes slack
Crew engulfed in flames
Then they will freeze
Thrown into the Void of Black.....


Nothing to hold, I spin adrift
Debris comes into, then out of view
It's all destroyed, yet I still breathe
It's all that I have left to do

Just me and my thoughts, as I speed away
Into the endless night
And as I reflect, on my destiny
A sad and lonely plight


My heart still beating
But much too fast
The cut umbilical trails behind
I should calm down
This too shall pass
But sorrow pervades my mind

Confused despair
My crying soul
It happened, I can't go back
My flame will go dark
A shooting star
A spark in the Void of Black



How do I find meaning
In my final hours
Do I make peace, pray to the Lord?

Wait, there is a way
To hear my words
On my suit pack, I hit record

So I tell the Tale of Man,
And of Mother Earth
Tears forming, I ask for a pact

That those who find me
This human probe
Will reach out through the Void of Black



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