Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

The Blossom, the Trouble and My Chin

This song was created for Game of Bands round 121 : "No Theme"


Verse 1 0:39
Where has my time gone?
When did it pass me by?
What have I really done?
How did I even survive?

And there I fell in love
And there they broke my heart
All the secrets can't be told
All the things led us apart

Life goals I never achieved
Exercises I've never done
Promises I could never keep
Fears I'll never overcome

Maybe it's all for good
Maybe I'm good for some
But with no strength going on
Look at me - I'm just another one

Bridge 1:24
Too far
Too hard
Too slow
Too dark
Where are we?
Where is me?
How? (*or who, or when, or what)

Chorus 1:47
Today, I just want to be myself
But yesterday you said I needed help
Tomorrow comes no one knows as well
And ev'ryday's just another day so swell

"Just believe," they say, "and you can fly."
But every night I'm just staring at the sky
The stars too bright there's nowhere to hide
No turning back, I'll just close my eyes

Verse 2
The blossoms cling to the vines
The troubles so far away
Stick my chin up and grin
Is tomorrow just another day?

Open my eyes and the sun is here
Can't really remember what good I did
Everyday is another loop
Everyone is just throwing a fit

And then I fell in love
And then she broke my heart
All the secrets can't be told
All the things led us apart

Has this happened already?
The same stories, round and round


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