Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Nobody (Headshot)

This song was created for Game of Bands round 122 : "Disco"


Baby, with my photography,
Your head'll be spread on the TV
Welcome to iconography
Just stay in the frame and it'll set you free!

Baby if you could only know
That I'm right here wherever you go
We've never met, but you're about to blow
Look down the lens, forget your friends, you are the show!

Cause right now you're a nobody
Nobody knows to care
And I will stay a nobody
Nobody knows I'm here

But from here I see everyone
But only one who dares
To stand out from the crowd among
To cross my crosshairs

And I'm holding down the zoom
Til there's no landscape to spare
Letting your portrait consume
My scope of view, you're everywhere

Take you out of the picture
Cause I never learned to share
Your autograph's my scripture
And your photograph's my prayer

I'd still love you with no body
Love you for brains face and hair
Yeah, I'll never meet nobody
No one with a head as rare

Get ready for your closeup
But don't let it get too close
Fame can be fulfilling
But don't take a lethal dose

Keep your enemies in front of you, and your friends close behind
But also always keep secret admirers in mind
Like a sniper with a bible only he has writ and read
Like a lonely papararazzi who's obsessive with your head.

I don't like all your cronies
Don't like the cut of their jibs
They wear the heads of phonies
Don't like the blood of their squibs

While an actor prepares
A model lives and dies
I may be splitting hairs
At least if I hit bullseye

You'll never see a flash
Unless the glare hits your eye
Draw my focus, one eyelash
From my studio sky high

Don't let your head swell a bit
And don't let your fancy fly
Your mind is like a sieve
Don't forget who exposed your mind

Baby, with my crack sharpshooting,
Your head'll never feel the sting
Welcome to immortality
Just stay on display and I will set you free!


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