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RoundSong TitleVotesMusicMusic VoteLyricsLyrics VoteVocalsVocals Vote
39The Game of Bands Safekeepers 8Brewbird8scottpontiac7SeeScottRock5
38Whats The Deal 7Brewbird7tgpo5aplen228
34Me And My Guitar 5keithpetersen74Glory2Hypnotoad7Brewbird5
33End Of The Girled 14IAmTriumph9Brewbird8IAmDanMarshall9
32Epic Fail 10B-Rumba7Brewbird6nickyeyez7
21The Blood of Angels 7Brewbird8tgpo6AdventurerSeth5
20In Ice 3Brewbird7Glory2Hypnotoad6hcml113
19Into the Unknown 8Brewbird5tgpo7wLudwig10
18Dear Lydia 14Brewbird13tgpo7aplen2210
17Kissing in the Rain 11Brewbird9VideoTape_7hcml1115
16Dream Team Seven 25Brewbird24radiofreebc24radiofreebc21
15Gala Contemplating the Mediterranean Sea Which at Twenty Meters Becomes the Portrait of Lincoln 7Brewbird9Mad_Cowboy6Brewbird7
14Three Cheers For The Internet! 9Brewbird9magikker10gb2ktn5
11Forgetting Ultimate Truths 8deadengone6669Brewbird8aplen226
9I Still Travel 9Brewbird12sinfinis10somada6
8Billy Holiday Holiday 4Brewbird4grahamlester3stuckandstoned6
6Song of Ages 15Brewbird14all_aflunters8SeeScottRock13
5Let His Mind Go 26Brewbird10wekulm7Brewbird8
3The Barrel Of A Gun 0Brewbird0memefilter0SuperFightingRobot0
2Wishingularity [edit]0Brewbird000


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