Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

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RoundSong TitleVotesMusicMusic VoteLyricsLyrics VoteVocalsVocals Vote
26Necromancer Blues 16Zuthulu14cee-kay11j_j_r15
20Crooked Picture 11cee-kay11magikker10all_aflunters13
19The End Is Nigh 11cee-kay11Mad_Cowboy10kasminova10
18American Gods 15cee-kay14magikker17brokenbirthday14
17Sarah's Song 7cee-kay8all_aflunters11all_aflunters11
15The Temptation Of Saint Anthony 20cee-kay18radiofreebc17himit19
14Raising My Last Glass To You 5cee-kay5grahamlester5Sindas10
13The Ballad of Flight 19 6cee-kay9SeeScottRock8all_aflunters10
12Aaron's Song 11cee-kay8radiofreebc6Sindas12
10Suicide Jacket 8cee-kay6grahamlester7gb2ktn9
9Reddit GOB Song 3cee-kay4lolstebbo1stuckandstoned3


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