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RoundSong TitleVotesMusicMusic VoteLyricsLyrics VoteVocalsVocals Vote
249I scream for you 0davidjohnofficial6evil_weevil3saucyjack856
63Mr. Crowley (A Cool Cat) 2evil_weevil3Glory2Hypnotoad4scottpontiac3
62Lonely (Oblivious Oblivion) 1evil_weevil2seescottrock2evil_weevil3
61The Prisoner 1evil_weevil4grahamlester2brokenbirthday2
57Alaric's Gold 1axilious4scottpontiac6evil_weevil4
55Keep Turning 1scottpontiac5MdShakesphere1evil_weevil4
55The Beast in the Hollow Tree 0-5evil_weevil2monnotorium3
54Not Quite Living (The Ghost of Ian Curtis) 3evil_weevil3Glory2Hypnotoad3zeronine3
53Titter with the Blue Robin 61966ftw10scottpontiac10evil_weevil7
52I'm Always By My Side 6evil_weevil4Morbuzaan6monnotorium4
51Wake Up 4Vsx6grahamlester3evil_weevil7
50The Lord of Fort Knox 3evil_weevil5scottpontiac8sleeper-2568
49Blame it on You 7HairyNakedMan4evil_weevil6evil_weevil7
48The Nuts and Bolts of Life 4salohcin8945Tomble20004evil_weevil6


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