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RoundSong TitleVotesMusicMusic VoteLyricsLyrics VoteVocalsVocals Vote
244Ticket To the Great Parade 5Letibleu7theoracleofhim5Kilazur7
243From Us, For You 3Letibleu8saucyjack85 7booprabbit9
238Honey, With A Pocket Monster Like Mine, I Don't Even Need To Use Hypnosis To Get Them To Sleep With Me 1ripinpeacemylastacnt4heffreeee7letibleu5
237Plight of the Salsasaurus (In Love, Out of Time, Terribad Weather) 12Letibleu14phyllicanderer13 firstdragonfruit912
236Arise 7Letibleu12all_aflunters7rinidaboss13
233The Poison Rose 8Letibleu9Saucyjack85 5Lyveriana9
191My Island 2howdiddlyhoofdluis8letibleu4gamegeek19957
190Empyrean 3Letibleu9tiltedtreeline4ebenezertdp4
190Zero Tolerance 2Letibleu7drv1684stacheketchum4
189The People's Crusade 2joycamp4specocean3letibleu4
188Bobby Relish - White Knight (feat. Old Lady) 3Letibleu4IVGreen4pfeifits5
187Prison Break 0Letibleu2Garrett_cartoonist2ScariestLlama4
187Alice in Wondervoice 2Letibleu7anniezxc5stacheketchum5
185Erase (1985 Live Tour) 7Letibleu12aliceceline8pfeifits8
174The Stream 0Letibleu5ScottPontiac2Kilazur4
173Breathe 2letibleu7porella3flaskbear5


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