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RoundSong TitleVotesMusicMusic VoteLyricsLyrics VoteVocalsVocals Vote
244Ticket To the Great Parade 5Letibleu7theoracleofhim5Kilazur7
201Do You Hear the Rain? 2conparky5theoracleofhim3moonscanner7
197Our Hero Sets His Eyes For The Sun (Fantasy Anonymous - Catharsis) 2bordeterre5theoracleofhim7firstdragonfruit95
196On The Radar 0IAmTriumph11theoracleofhim3Kyogre7903
195Through The Horizon 1xthestreams3theoracleofhim4AsplodeDOTA2
195 Cheers to Glycol 1Digital_Failure4theoracleofhim2travislovebenson5
1922030andMe 2MattFA21theoracleofhim3Kilazur4
192Around (They'll Come Around) 3good_dean6theoracleofhim2kilazur6
191Horseshoes and Show Windows 1deathbyballsack4theoracleofhim4kilazur4
190Mr. Gideon 5crecentfresh6theoracleofhim8wludwig6


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