Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

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Tools/GearGuitar: Schecter S1 BlackJack, Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier (Rev. F), Celestion Vintage 30 Studio: Shure SM7B, ART Voice Channel, Focusrite Saffire PRO 40, Nuendo 5, Yamaha HS8

RoundSong TitleVotesMusicMusic VoteLyricsLyrics VoteVocalsVocals Vote
196Don't H8 The Sk8r 13Digital_Failure15ScottPontiac13wheresripp15
95Learning How To Fly 1JimElectric5skerry11wheresripp5
92The Last Man On Earth 6admin-admin9scottpontiac7wheresripp9
87A Song For Jasmine 3good_dean3kud0us2wheresripp6
84MURDER! on 34th St. 2wheresripp8ZILDJIAN26135leeloospanties4
83Mark of the Beast 4IAmTriumph3ZILDJIAN26132wheresripp5
82TL;DR: Clockwork 16wheresripp13SwiftyJG13wLudwig10


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