Game of Bands would love to hear from any artists, filmmakers, photographers, animators, writers, or anyone else who creates digital artistic content, to partner with us for our mutual benefit. Specifically, we’re looking for the following:

Official Round Images: One featured piece of original artwork or photography to be used as the official image for each round. Rounds run fortnightly and remain on our website forever. Images should be relevant to the round’s theme, but do not necessarily have to be new creations. Round images are displayed at 200x200px.

In exchange for allowing us to use your image, we will display it everywhere on the website where the round appears in its entirety, and on our subreddit for the duration of the round’s activity (two weeks.) We promise to always credit you everywhere the image is displayed, and will be happy to link to your website in most cases.

Prize Giveaways: A digital work by you, to be given away free of charge, to voting participants of the community as prizes for providing valuable feedback and critique to songwriters. It could be music, e-books, film, comedy, anything really.

In return for these giveaways, Game of Bands will link to your content on the main song library section of our website, and on our subreddit for the duration of the round’s activity (two weeks). We will also, where time and your inclination permits, endeavour to provide a thoughtful written piece on the work in question, submitted for your approval before publication, though this point is not guaranteed.

If you’d like to submit content for consideration, use the form below!

Round images are displayed at 200x200px.