Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Game of Bands Round 10 : "A Tribute to Your Favourite Musician/Lyricist/Vocalist"

RoundSong TitleVotesMusicMusic VoteLyricsLyrics VoteVocalsVocals Vote
10Empty Starlight 5welcometooceania4kingpumpkin1SeeScottRock6
10GOB 12/19/12 6butterscotch_blonde9RetroTheft3drdesparche4
10Low Exposure 12zeronine12all_aflunters9aplen229
10Suicide Jacket 8cee-kay6grahamlester7gb2ktn9
10SW - Arcade 7rendingale, dancomp6dancomp5TheSmokeMonst3r5
10We Are the Dead 6DistortionMage6Glory2Hypnotoad6somada4
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