Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Game of Bands Round 219 : "Space Shanties"

RoundSong TitleVotesMusicMusic VoteLyricsLyrics VoteVocalsVocals Vote
219An Offer 4good_dean11magikker8rc_matthias5
219Black Hole Penal Ship Shanty 1whupazz4garrett_cartoonist5jestbubbles5
219Captain Amethyst Valentine 3joycamp7obamagamertime5firstdragonfruit95
219Janglebeet Jive 1envysmoke2writers_block192coliphonic5
219La Lune est Dans Nos Yeux 4visti8partyeefee5firstdragonfruit910
219None Of Us Have Been At Sea 1hednisk8Bordeterre6DeadPlatypus3
219Sera-6 from Mars 8heffreeee12lyveriana12saucyjack8511
219Shanty from the crew of the Artimus, recorded 2783 0court-jus1InsertWittyNames4ScottPontiac4
219Spacebooting 2perfect_fifth_note6the_basser7kilazur3
219The ballad of Artemis VI 4MattFA211h2g2_researcher7rinidaboss7
219The Map's Edge 3freshlennon8joycamp4conparky8
219The Pulsar 2ripinpeacemylastacnt5garrett_cartoonist8moonscanner8
219The Spaceship Frontier 3sso_ghantu3wizzieh6eggplantryu9
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