Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Game of Bands Round 223 : "Music Imitates Art"

RoundSong TitleVotesMusicMusic VoteLyricsLyrics VoteVocalsVocals Vote
223All Eyes on Me 3joycamp12ripinpeacemylastacnt6Saucyjack853
223Behind The Storm 2Digital_Failure9magikker7kilazur7
223Bird on Strings 8perfect_fifth_note13qodir6i_am_a_bowling_golem11
223Intercession of the Transit 0daishiii5flaskbear1hednisk2
223Kajikazawa 8good_dean13allouttaupvotes12lyveriana14
223Nothing is Free 0ripinpeacemylastacnt3DeadPlatypus4wizzieh5
223Reese's Masterpieces - Café De Nuit (Feat. Garrett, Parky, Dragonfruit, Lidlinpeace and Golem) 9BWFBob16Countesskillalot17UnhiDEER14
223Reflection 0pfeifits4partyeefee5alloutaupvotes1
223The Concert 0niceattorney4scottpontiac4kilazur6
223The Ship With Butterfly Sails 4envysmoke12tomble20006jestbubbles6
223The Two Fridas 4synthesaur7aliceceline8rinidaboss14
223THE UNFINISHED KING 2I_Am_A_Bowling_Golem10h2g2_researcher6firstdragonfruit98
223There Is Always Hope 0freshlennon3jtgg982eggplantryu3
223This is not a song 0leussoin1garrett_cartoonist10drv1683
223This Night Will End My Way (Salomé) 1heffreeee9all_aflunters10firstdragonfruit910
223Transfiguration 4sangtr25069I_Am_A_Bowling_Golem7drv1689
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