Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Game of Bands Round 239 : "Alone in the Wilderness"

RoundSong TitleVotesMusicMusic VoteLyricsLyrics VoteVocalsVocals Vote
239Alone In The Hivemind 7bwfbob13garrett_cartoonist8kroeltje13
239Alone in the Woods 3good_dean8aliceceline5synthesaur5
239Be Next To Mine 0Saucyjack851Magikker2ScottPontiac2
239Endling 4wizzieh11aliceceline8entertainpopulace10
239Landdísir 5sangtr25067saucyjack857firstdragonfruit96
239Lone Camper 0ripinpeacemylastacnt6barondespireal7davidjohnofficial7
239Lost In A Valley Near Water 1Proghairfunk9alloutaupvotes5aliceceline4
239Lost or Found 1joycamp5partyeefee4jestbubbles6
239Newfound Hearth 1disbeliever884azemazer4firstdragonfruit95
239Parts Unknown 0leussoin3freshlennon1allouttaupvotes5
239Resigned To The Ice (I Feel LIke We've Been Drifting Apart) 3lyveriana9taffyleefubbinz7matneyx13
239Running for the Sky (Ft. matneyx & perfect_fifth_note) 2heffreeee6all_aflunters5majestic_leek_47067
239Shoot the Worry 2doctor_pike10all_aflunters6garfieldshapedhottub9
239The Man From Mars 6ynthona7flaskbear10porella10
239Where We Used To Be Alive 1daishiii3ok-incident17726moonscanner6
239With Fears Like This, Who Needs Enemies? 0freshlennon2phyllicanderer3rinidaboss1
239Your Weather 4drv1687ripinpeacemylastacnt7GOOD_dean9
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