Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Game of Bands Round 251 : "Randomly Generated IV"

RoundSong TitleVotesMusicMusic VoteLyricsLyrics VoteVocalsVocals Vote
251Actors of Riots 2dickwinters5time3tree2garfieldshapedhottub3
251Backseat Arsonist - A Visionary Ash 1hotsp0t3spohieauz2booprabbit5
251Bathroom Blitz 1hiimjj4allouttaupvotes3partyeefee2
251Cathedral of Blasts - Lucky Fear 0bordeterre1garrett_cartoonist1cheeserlp1
251Citrine Eyes 2garfieldshapedhottub5ian_does_things5firstdragonfruit95
251Fallen 5heffreeee5drv1685jestbubbles6
251Glasgow - Mirages 1wizzieh3partyeefee2bwfbob4
251Mornings - Dad Bod & The Father Figures - Feat. Chex + Cookie Golem 0i_am_a_bowling_golem 6barondespireal1wizzieh5
251Palaces of Our Losses 0sangtr25062barondespireal0midgetcastle1
251Pink Perfection - Special Delivery 2i_am_a_bowling_golem5jtgg981professorloopin5
251Pixie Tribute - Laughing Twins 0evil_weevil2all_aflunters2firstdragonfruit93
251Reported and Banned 0m_w_music4saucyjack854heffreeee3
251Running In London 2freshlennon4phyllicanderer5traxondarocks3
251Tall Girl 0joycamp1evil_weevil3Flubbergem1
251The Masked Patriots - Nighttime Black 1ripinpeacemylastacnt1scottpontiac1littlestreaminthewoo1
251The Police Station Strippers - Colors 0good_dean4sso_ghantu1Jmackles3
251The Power - Before Superstitions 4jmfauce948ok-incident17725kilazur5
251The Residents 0disbeliever882saucyjack852majestic_leek_47062
251The Stutters and and and and - Flight of the Words 4good_dean6booprabbit10kilazur7
251Three Inch Pants - Twilight of the Stick Gods (A Journey Begins) 3tibs-on-discord8cookiegolem5davidjohnofficial9
251Titan 0daishiii2all_aflunters2arghbeast2
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