Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Game of Bands Round 260 : "Noisy"

RoundSong TitleVotesMusicMusic VoteLyricsLyrics VoteVocalsVocals Vote
260Black Windows and Neon Widows 1specocean3all_aflunters6jmackles5
260Bring The Noise 4dasblackie8davidjohnofficial4dr1mba7
260Change The Fucking Anthem 1proghairfunk3cookiegolem3davidjohnofficial4
260Cover Your Ears 2doctor_pike3scottpontiac3kilazur2
260I Need the Noise 0JMACKLES 2allouttaupvotes4wizzieh2
260I Still Hear You (Through The Noise) 5good_dean8heffreeee8booprabbit9
260Never Enough 3wizzieh1taffyleefubbinz1booprabbit3
260Noisy Life 2daishiii696phoenix3ian_does_things2
260Off the Wall 3ripinpeacemylastacnt5partyeefee4jestbubbles6
260Plights of a Homo Sapien (Let’s Set the World on Fire) 0sso_ghantu2ian_does_things2lyveriana3
260Sickening Thud 0drv1684freshlennon4garfieldshapedhottub2
260Smile for me 0disbeliever883barondespireal4dcofycats2
260The Employment Song 3dickwinters5garrett_cartoonist6i_am_a_bowling_golem6
260The Past Is Never Today 5garfieldshapedhottub6garrett_cartoonist6good_dean7
260Trapped in Audioscape 3bwfbob5cookiegolem4firstdragonfruit93
260Voices (Can’t get out of my head) 2envysmoke7all_aflunters4firstdragonfruit96
260You Wont Be Our Demise 4rhikhunter6allouttaupvotes6SaucyJack856
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