Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

The Ballad of Flight 19

This song was created for Game of Bands round 13 : "Only 2 Forms of Instrumentation"


Late one summer's eve, working in my tower
Waiting for my shift to end, trying to pass the hours
Finally, the clock struck one, I grabbed my coat to go
It was then a voice, afraid, came o'er the radio.

?Tower, this is flight 19, we've lost engine 2
I've lost most telemetry, all that's left is height and fuel.
I fear under all the strain, engine 1 is doomed
I'm trying to put her down, it's difficult to do.?

Mayday, Mayday
We're going down, I've lost control
Dear god, please no
It's not my time to go.

I heard the radio crack the fear in his voice
?I?m aiming now for a field, I think that?s our best choice?
By this time I was shaking, my body rendered numb
Hanging off every word, the tow?r had been struck dumb

?Tow?r, I?ve one request, a single final wish
When my family is notified, don?t tell them I died like this. ?
Faced with his most certain end, The man began to cry
?Please tower, one final thing, write this down please, for my wife?

?Let go, Let go
I?m not making it home
Don?t cry, move on
Please don?t stay alone?


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